Crystal Lynn, MA, CHTP is an Intuitive Energy Practitioner and Spiritual Life Coach for Women. She is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and has a MA in Counseling. Crystal has been blending energy work with Spiritual Life Coaching for 20 years. She utilizes the information available within a person’s energy field, along with intuition and Divine guidance to help her clients understand where there may be energy blocks, how to clear them and open to their natural flow of energy for optimum health, happiness and wellbeing. She empowers clients to learn how to sense and move their own energy for self care. She helps her clients shift perspective if needed and get clear in their intentions to create the life they desire. During each session, Crystal and her clients hold an intention for the client’s highest good and many times work together to set an energetic intention into motion with wonderful results. Crystal is very loving, gentle and supportive in her approach. She acknowledges the sacredness of each person’s journey and the honor of being of service to her clients as they expand in their understanding and awareness. Crystal’s belief is that love is the most powerful energy and truly we are all expressions of love on this earth. She feels that part of our journey is learning how to dance with this knowing and allowing that love for ourselves and others.

Crystal absolutely loves her work and her beautiful clients. She offers individual and group energy sessions, in addition to workshops for women. She also offers energy work and spiritual life coaching to women internationally by phone or skype.