Raise Your Vibe Coaching and Intuitive Energy Therapy for Women
with Crystal Lynn, MA, CHTP

Are you ready for greater happiness, improved relationships or positive momentum in your work or business? Are you ready for an abundance of all good things to flow to you? Clients come to me with varied issues, but the one answer to all of it remains consistent ... Raise your vibe and get into alignment!

From an aligned state, we can be an energetic match to our desires. We can hear guidance with greater ease, experience more joy, fun and love in our lives. We get to watch fabulous possibilities unfold when we turn up the vibe!

Some of the questions people ask are, “How can I stay in alignment, focused on the positive, allow greater peace and relax into my good?”

That’s exactly what we focus on during our coaching time together! We will utilize concepts from the Law of Attraction to assist in shifting perspectives, and allowing just a simple shift can create powerful results! You will also have the opportunity to experience energy work and learn energy therapy techniques from various modalities for self care.

I offer coaching packages to women who are really ready to reach for more, who believe in themselves and positive possibilities. Individuals who have fun moving energy, opening up to the Divine flow and allowing the unconditional feelings of love, joy and peace that is always available. My clients are kind hearted, sincere and love to laugh, because that is a great way to raise your vibe! It is all about the self care, creating and allowing the good to flow and contributing to the expansion of our individual selves as well as the collective.

Below is a list of my coaching packages and description of what you services you will receive.

3 months ~ $5000

  • 12 hours of coaching/energy therapy sessions *

  • Unlimited emails during those 3 months**

  • Distant energy work between sessions during same 3 months***
6 months ~ $8000

  • 24 hours of coaching/energy therapy sessions*

  • Unlimited emails during those 6 months**

  • Distant energy work between sessions for 6 months***

1 year ~ $12,000

  • 48 hours of coaching/energy therapy sessions*

  • Unlimited emails for 1 year**

  • Distant energy work between sessions for 12 months***

~ Payment plans available, please inquire. Bonus sessions offered for full payments. ~

*Energy therapy/coaching hours purchased may be divided into 30, 60 or 90 minute sessions based on what we agree is in your best interest and is a fit for both of our schedules. Unused time can be extended to the following months.

**Brief emails to give me information about what you would like to work on during our next session, progress updates, good news, request for distant energy work, or emails regarding quick perspective shifts.

***Distant energy work: Whenever you come to mind, I hear that as a nudge from the Universe to send good vibes your way! My clients also email me sometimes asking for energy work around a particular issue they may be dealing with. I send good thoughts/prayers/ distant energy work and hold a high vibrational space for my clients in between sessions, focusing specifically on each person at least 3-4 times per week.

It is my intention to be of great support for you in holding a vibration that is a match to your highest good. I ask for guidance before every interaction that I will be given the words to share with you that are the most helpful in allowing a positive shift in perspective. Usually there is divine guidance that is specific to each individual’s situation or issue they wish to address. I tune into your energy and support it moving in a way that helps you reach for better feelings and greater well-being. This naturally causes old patterns to unwind and release, making space for the new and creating momentum for positive focus and wonderful possibilities unfolding in your life. I only focus on energy that is loving and positive. Wherever you are in your vibrational stance or emotions is just fine. Our work together will involve moving up the emotional scale, raising your energy vibration and allowing greater clarity and peace. We will do this through conversation, listening to divine guidance, energy work and empowering you to strengthen your connection with your own guidance system and inner being. I will teach you energy techniques specifically designed for you as well as share information, links and videos that could be helpful for you. I utilize Law Of Attraction, Healing Touch and other energy modalities. Our work together is co-creative. You are the powerful “allower” in your life. You are the one that allows energy to move and flow and makes the shift in perspective. My role is to lovingly hold a space for you, offer guidance and reflect back to you what your energy is projecting. You are totally in charge of yourself in this wonderful quest and expansion in life!

If you have any questions, please contact me at crystal@crystallynnenergy.com or crystallynn.energy@gmail.com. I will respond within 24-48 hours.

I offer a free strategy session to determine if working together is a good match for us. We will discuss how working together can address your issues and raise your energy vibration. You will be offered an energy technique and perhaps a shift in perspective that could either help you bring yourself into alignment or experience greater positive momentum.

Disclaimer: These sessions are not meant to replace medical or psychological care. You are responsible for deciding what care and treatments best meet your needs.