Intuitive Energy Therapy with Crystal Lynn, MA, CHTP

  • Release and clear blocks to your happiness.

  • Increase your ability to listen to your intuition and speak your truth.

  • Experience greater joy, peace and clarity.

  • Live a more abundant life of love and well-being.
Energy Work/Coaching Session

  • 1 hour - $150

  • Unlimited text and emails for 1 month - $197.00*

*This is for support, brief responses, quick energy tips or brief distant energy work. Some find this useful as a way to continue to build momentum, have increased clarity or support on issues that we may be working on.

Energy Work/Coaching Packages

  • Unlimited Texts/emails - $97.00 with purchase of any package.

  • 2 One-hour sessions - $275.00

  • 4 One-hour sessions - $500.00

  • 12 One-hour sessions - $1250.00**
**Can be made in two monthly payments of $625.00
**Or One Time Payment of $1000.00, plus receive unlimited text and emails for 90 days as an added bonus.

To schedule an appointment or if you have questions, email me at

What you may expect from experiencing energy work

Most people I work with report feeling lighter, increased clarity and an overall sense of peace, calm and happiness. Individuals have experienced physical discomfort decreasing or complete relief. Others have an experience of releasing emotional blocks and becoming more aware of patterns in their lives so that they can move forward and experience greater joy.

It is my intention to offer this service for each individual's highest good. It is not my energy that I use, rather I listen to Divine guidance to assist people in reconnecting to their natural flow of energy.