"I have had the pleasure of working with Crystal for over 6 months. During that time my vibration has raised dramatically. I am attracting new clients to me and see a bright future. Crystal is a joy to work with. She is quick to pass on her wisdom and guidance that she receives. We laugh during every session. I am thankful for each time I interact with Crystal and always feel uplifted and energized."

Shannon Barnard, Owner/Artisan

"Crystal provides guidance, support, and clarity in both times of turmoil and peace. She is a calming presence that helps me be my best self and draws out the best in her clients. Our work together has helped me with presence, appreciation, knowing myself, creating boundaries, self-confidence, and visualization of energy. Above all, I love that Crystal knows the real me. She never judges, she is always there, and she is never afraid to tell me what I need to hear. She is truly a guardian angel. Crystal's super power is her ability to be grounded and allow messages to come through her. She is a beacon of light and love, and is clear in her own self and ability, so can quickly hone in on what others need. I love Crystal and the work that we do together!"


"I have been working with Crystal for about three years now. It’s so hard to describe to people what she does for me: healing touch, energy work, life coach. She has helped me strengthen relationships, she has helped me make better business decisions. She has taught me how to focus my intentions to get what I want from the universe. She has helped me physically heal myself and we work continually to bring balance to my life. I am always giving her credit for positive changes that come about in my life, but she is quick to remind me that it is me and the work we are doing together. I love her like a sister and will continue my work with her as long as I can."

Gwen White Sinclair

"Crystal Lynn's energy work has helped me get out of stuck places many times. She not only works privately, but also offers group healing sessions for women. Her work is in the moment and intuitive. You will leave with a lighter heart."

Sydney Hughes McGee

"Crystal is such as blessing. She is patient, very kind, and loving when listening to me talk about my life and work trials. The thing that most captivates me is her contagious positive energy and enthusiasm. She is a supportive and encouraging life and business coach. I'm grateful for the opportunities to work with her."

Posey Salem

"Crystal Lynn is a friend and an amazing energy practitioner....1 hour on the phone with her is like being bathed in an energy of pure love and light that she somehow can transmit to you from a distance and...the feeling is indescribable...pure magic!"


"When I think back on our session together, I can feel the expansion in my energy....I loved our session and it stayed with me, something definitely shifted, I felt that 'peace that passeth understanding' and felt a deep connection to the Divine within me during our session....it brings tears to my eyes to relive our time together....what a blessing you are and blessed are those who come to you, much love to you, my earth angel friend."


"Initially I was skeptical about energy work done remotely, but the results of working with Crystal have far surpassed my expectations. Her angel operations are miraculous, healing physical pain and emotional trauma in the most peaceful, gentle and loving way. Working with Crystal has been a Godsend."


"Crystal Lynn is an intuitive Energy Healer. My experiences with Crystal have always been positive, gentle, and loving. She moves energy and I feel it in just the right places. All of my energy sessions with her have been distant sessions and I have been very pleased with the results. I trust Crystal completely to move energy in a safe, caring manner. I feel uplifted at the end of a session. I also really like that Crystal sends an email recap of the session and any additional topics that reveal themselves to her as she is doing her work. I highly recommend Crystal."

Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL

"Crystal Lynn is a wonderfully intuitive woman with a loving spirit. She has a graduate degree in counseling and currently works as a life coach and Certified Healing Touch Practitioner. She combines her talents in an amazingly powerful way whether working in the office or doing distance healing. She is able to help her clients achieve deep and lasting progress in a very short period of time. I happily recommend her to my friends and clients, and I enjoy her energy healing work whenever possible."

Janet Nestor, MA LPC DCEP
Author of Pathways to Wholeness

"A few years ago, I was in a home improvement store looking for a curtain rod. A lady standing nearby reached into a vertical display of long wooden poles when suddenly they all began to tumble over on top of her. As they began to fall, she calmly began catching them with ninja like precision and returning each of the poles to the rack in almost perfect order. It all happened in a few short seconds but it seemed like slow motion. When I complemented her, she smiled and said she had just been to the spa and the world seemed a little easier. That is exactly how I feel after a session with Crystal Lynn."


"Thank you, Crystal! The energy session was great! After our session, I felt so happy...and that's been a long time since I felt that way. I could feel my happy, positive energy inside me! I couldn't stop smiling! I feel good today, too. I'm trying to pay attention and keep my energy field intact. Thank you so much for you and what you do!"

Mary R.

"Crystal is a wonderful listener, and able to shift energies in such a positive way. I went in as a skeptic, and really didn't expect anything! She was able to hone in on my problem areas and release blockages without me even telling her where my pain was located. Now THAT made me a believer. Simply amazing!"


"I love working with Crystal. She has helped me create break throughs in my marriage that have completely transformed and enlivened my relationship with my husband which makes me so happy. Most importantly, Crystal has helped me learn to love myself as an expression of divine love."